Tiny Foal Steals Limelight From Draft Horses

A Falabella cross foal has been born at Norfolk‘s Shire Horse Centre, and she’s stealing the limelight from the bigger horses.


The short and the tall of it: Arabella the Falabella and Jasper the Shire horse, with centre owner David Bakewell.

Honey’s foal Arabella, now three weeks old, is a popular part of the regular mare and foal parades.

At just 21 inches high (five hands), the tiny foal is working alongside the giants of the centre, the six-feet tall (18hh) Shire horses.

Children get the chance to bottle feed Arabella during the twice-daily mare and foal parades.

Other activities include small animal feeding and handling sessions at the children’s farm and heavy horse working demonstrations.

Norfolk Shire Horse Centre is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

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  1. Awe, she;s so sweet. she has a cute little girl face.

  2. Hi
    I also have falabellas and have a foal nigh identical to yours – they are just so wonderful aren’t they 🙂
    i hope to visit you as I happen to be here in Norfolk at the moment ….. i love the big fella too 😉

  3. Falabella horse forever!!!! I’love you horses!!!!

  4. It is soooooooo cute! I lve horses, and the big one is magnificant, but the little one is just darling!

  5. B——E—–A—–UTIFUL
    LOVE IT.

  6. wow, this is an amazing picture, you are so lucky you have horses, you are so unbelievable lucky to have beatiful horses like that. That is a fabulous picture. Cheerish it forever. Thats a wonderful sight.

    yasmin (14 years old) 🙂

  7. Cuties little horse ever! Love the little thing! You so luck to have a horse or to be around horses at all!

  8. She’s so gorgeous, and so tiny!!!

  9. I adore horses, and not just for the riding either! I have fallen in love with the Falabella breed and hopefully I’ll be able to persuade my parents to let me get one!
    Arabella is absolutely beautiful, and Jasper is… Wow!

    The height difference is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    Terri:) (15)

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