Sheep Racing Includes a Stop To Graze

Each year, Rothschild Road in the little town of Emmaville, North South Wales is cleared for the sheep race, the income from which supports the town’s museum.

Approximately 100 sheep are entered into the one kilometre race. Each wears a coat with a number and the local people pay $5 a head to enter. First prize is $100.  


 The sheep charge down the street, chased by sheep dogs. Last year was a bit of a spine-tingler, because none of them wanted to cross the finish line.

The race is famous for its very slow pace and usually uncooperative sheep.

The whole town had a bet on the race and most of them were there to see the finish.

Fashions on the Field are restricted to the sheep. Past entries have included “Thorpeedo” (a sheep in a black speedo swim suit), numerous versions of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”, The Runaway Bride, and rugby champions parading their favorite jumpers and colors.

The sheep are tempted to run for the finishing line by one of the organizers rattling feed in a bucket ahead of the flock.

Backers get caught up in the excitement as the race gets under way, cheering their sometimes reluctant choices to the line, although some sheep have been known to stop for a graze on the way.

ABC New England North West NSW

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  1. I know our relatives in Emmaville might come across as a bit uncooperative but they have informed us that they are never, that is never asked what to wear. When they dressed one of them in a speedo swim suite they had had enough and that’s when the uncooperative quite protest started. Also, they mentioned the fact that one of the organizers is rattling a bucket with feed to get them across the line. What a disgrace! They would never compete willingly under these circumstances. All the organisers have to do is to place a meal for each at the finishing line and they’ll do what they are supposed to do, run straight for the line.
    Ramona, Head Sheep,

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