Happiness Code

In order to be happy, you must be successful in all three of these areas:

1. Relationships
2. Health
3. Income

Realistically, you will only have time to accomplish any two of those goals while bitching about the third. The day isn’t long enough to do them all.

When I see a well-dressed, chubby, 40-something guy in a nice SUV with his family, all happy and laughing, I know he gave up health. He’ll be dead in 10 years. When I see a totally fit person in the gym, I always wonder if he’s a lonely loser or just underemployed. It’s one or the other.

There are rare exceptions. A friend of mine makes a great living by working a few hours per day from his home or his boat. He has a great family life and an ideal body mass index. I expect the universe to smite him any minute. He’s violating some sort of natural law and it’s only a matter of time before things revert to the mean.

Which of the three requirements of happiness are YOU giving up?

Scott Adams via The Dilbert Blog



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  1. This lifelong training of
    ranking and choosing things
    by their value, quality, scarcity,
    taste, fragrance, weight, and color;
    has me now sitting by this lake
    Idly wondering if a swim in it
    would be at least twice
    as exciting as the lingering
    bitter-sweet moments of its anticipation.

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